The MIT Millennial Employee Resource Group seeks to engage members of the MIT community interested in topics and issues specific to the millennial generation, those born in the 1980s and 1990s. We seek to encourage understanding and growth across all generations of MIT employees. Through building a supportive network and professional development for all members of our community, we will create more opportunities and sense of belonging for all. We strive, through all endeavors, to give back and support the goals and work of the Institute as a whole by focusing on areas such as recruitment and retention.

The group is open to all faculty and staff in the MIT community.

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More information about Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can be found at MIT Human Resources.


The Millennial ERG Co-Leads & Planning Committee are extremely excited to unveil our hot new MIT Slack Group! While it is still in its infancy, our hope is to use the group to help build up our relationships throughout the ERG and the institute. While we will still advertise events here, we are looking to move a lot of our communication to the workgroup to keep us all connected. So if you are…

  • Looking to meet new colleauges across the institute
  • Needing your daily fill of cute animal photos
  • Wanting to UP your kitchen game with recipe and food swaps
  • Hoping for fun events about bread making or a movie night

THEN this Slack group is for you! So come join us and help build up our Slack Community! Help us make it our own smiley

Log in with your Touchstone/Kerberos ID: MITMillennialerg.slack.com

*Note that this is available to @MIT email addresses only for the time being*